Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So I have been away from home for exactly 1 day, and I am already homesick for you guys. This is plain pitiful. I need to get a freakin grip and stop acting like such a loser. I have a special message from each one of you saved on my phone, and I listened to all of them. Channing, I miss your ability to remember the page numbers to all of the dirty scenes in books, Megan I miss you being my mommy and bringing me fruit snacks and graham crackers, Ashley I miss you singing to me and playing with my hair and patting my head. Okay so I have to get back to work, but you guys better be behaving. And Megan, no more grumpiness. Well love you guys.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Since Channing, Mrs. K and I were talking about weight today it got me thinking. I was just sitting here wondering what we will all look like in a few years and, the Internet being the wonderful thing it is, I decided to look it up. Well here is the best I got! So I just wanted to show everyone what we will most likely be looking like in a few years...lovely right? I sure thought so. It goes(from left) Laurie, Channing, Me, and Megan. Megan of course is the smallest b/c she has a life. The rest of us...well we live together have take out every night, every night is mountain dew night, sweets by the dozens, don't believe in exercise b/c it is against our religion and we live with 12 cats. Sounds like a dang good life to me!!lol. By the way Laurie, get your hand off of Channing's love handles. Channing, the green is very becoming. Laurie, the leathery material is very flattering.Megan, I like how you went with the red hair, it really accents that double chin. As for myself, I'm too fat to fit in my cute leopard shoes so I went with a skimpy leopard bikini instead. And does anyone know where mine and Laurie's bottoms are? Its good to see we all grew some boobs finally, too bad about yours shrinking Megan. I think I'm officially the biggest!!! Finally! Well since we all know now what lovely ladies we will be...lets go eat some cake...extra ice cream with a brownie on the side and some chocolate syrup on the top...oh, what the heck lets add some sprinkles too!