Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whats going on in our lives.

Here is what's going on in each of our lives:

Megan is married to James Martinuez and is living in Manassa. They both go to Adam's, and work. They are happily married and are doing good. Megan is still  the Mega Mommy in our lives and gives us advice quite often. And lets just say she isn't afraid to tell you like it is either. Megan also gives us the low down on Valley News.

Laurie is currently Attending Ashland in Ohio.She is definitely kicking some political butt out there with her knowledge. Laurie is quite the busy little gal with her studies and college life, but all is well. She also is in a relationship with a hot Italian man ,which last I heard is going well.  She will be returning to the Valley this Summer to spend time with family and friends.

Ashley is attending BYU-I and is working hard to finish up this semester. Although school is stressful, she still finds time to have fun. Movies, Cesars pizza, Idaho Falls, spending time with Lacey and Gavin are some of the things Ashley does on her spare time. She will be heading to the valley after the first week of April and is staying there till next fall. She is happy to go home and spend time with family and friends. She is in dire need of a Vacation.

I (Channing), on the other hand  am completing my 2nd semester at BYU-I and getting ready for my spring semester in April. I am currently taking night classes and spending my days with sleepless nights and homework. I spend time with my brother and his roomates on a daily basis, contact Ashley and Mary whenever I can, and became addicted to The Secret Life of an American Teenager on Hulu. My future status is to complete my spring semester, may or may not go to the valley in july,will be turning 20, and have started preparing for a mission.

If any of the following people have stuff to add or correct me on feel free to post and tell us all whats going on.

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